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Ewhurst is a picturesque small village situated at the foot of the Surrey Hills, approximately 3 miles from Cranleigh and 12 miles from Guildford.

The Society was founded in 1881 by the Rector of Ewhurst and Walther Webb, a local solicitor. Its aims were largely philanthropic with the objective of encouraging villagers to improve their diet by growing good vegetables. The Head Gardeners of the big houses in the locality set an example by exhibiting at the show. Originally there was only one annual show held in August, which swiftly became an important social event in what was then a small agricultural village. The show originally included other amusements and races for both children and adults and in its early days the annual show was attended by the gentry including the local MP.

Currently 3 shows are held each year: Spring; Summer and Autumn. In addition to the shows there are 4 talks each year, which aim to be both entertaining and instructive, a Plant Sale in May, and a Quiz Evening in January.  We also arrange a  garden visit to a local garden each summer.

The Society welcomes new members and visitors to all the Society's events.   If you are not already a member of Ewhurst Horticultural Society, why not join us?

Membership, only £5 a year (includes family membership) payable in January and valid until 31 December.  To join the society please contact the Membership Secretary at


Other enquiries should be addressed to the Hon. Secretary  at


To enter a show please see address given on individual show pages

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Virtual Show Results

Class 1.   1st.  Lesley Wood. 2nd. Andrew Lock.   3rd. Barrie Heathcote.

Class 2.    Peggy Pearcey.   Jackie Sellwood. Richard Sellwood. H.C. Zoe Horton.

Class3.     Richard Munford.  Jackie Sellwood.    Peggy Pearcey.   H.C. Barry Heathcote.

Class4.     Penny Morris.   Anne Dyball.      Zoe Horton.    H.C.  Andrew Lock.

Class.5.    Anne Dyball.    Carole Chadwick.    Richard Morris.  H.C.Richard Munford.

   Also a special mention to Gordon Pearcey for the rudest entry!!

Class. 6.   Anne Dyball.   Peggy Pearcey.   Steve Wells.

Class 7.    Andrew Lock.   Richard Morris.  Steve Wells.

Class 8.   Joint 1st.  Gordon and Peggy Pearcey.  3rd. Anne Dyball.

Class.9.   Steve Wells.  Anne Dyballl.    Carole Chadwick.

Class 10.  Wendy Wesley.   Penny Morris. Jackie Constantine. H.C. Belinda Burt.

Class 11.  Barry Heathcote.  Penny Morris. Jackie Constantine.

Class 12.  Andrew Lock.   Jackie Constantine.   Penny Morris.   Special mention to Richard Munford for the most productive looking entry.

Class13.  Alan Webber.   The Heathcotes!  Penny Morris.

Class 14.   To Maisie!! She has a wonderful sense of pastel shades. (Not too sure where 12 o'clock is !) I'm sure there will be many more entries from Maisie in future shows.